Terms of use

Miyajima tsutsumigaura island hopping park Terms of Service and Waiver company of YARN I fully understand the terms and conditions below and participate of my own free will at the Miyajima tsutsumigaura island hopping park (hereinafter, “The Facility”).
I understand that while at The Facility, I fully accept all risks and responsibility and that the organizer is in no way responsible for any accident, injury or problems that may occur.

〈Understanding of participation and safety ensuring〉 1. I am in good health and do not have any issues that would affect my participating in this event.
I understand that due to inclement weather, the possibility of inclement weather, or other environmental issues in the area, The Facility may without prior notice close or guests may be asked to leave.

〈Self-declaration of health〉 2. It's confirmed that my health is healthy as a result of the doctor's physical check-up for 1 year recently at present, and you don't expect to cause a problem in participation of activity. When our staff wants idiosyncrasy and a medical history to know for urgent medical treatment, I declare beforehand.
〈Own management responsibility and consent of first aid〉 3. I take notice enough for safety and health in awareness and responsibility of a participant individual and participate in activity. Since growing old when If I'm injured in activity , and I encounter an accident or a disease has formed, to do first aid to me is approved and exception isn't taken to the way of first aid and result.
〈The compensation reach of the injury and the fatal accident〉 4. The organizer has insurance as outlined below for participants who have an accident or injury while using The Facility, and I understand that any compensation will only be for what is covered in that insurance.
〈Exemption particular〉 5. I consent to not doing a payment charge for the expenses needed for participation of activity (including entrance fee) in the case when cancellation of activity, operation and the change of contents were here for safety ensuring by a reason of an irresistible force of deterioration of a natural disaster or weather circumstances. I consent to not asking compensation to this place except for a case with an important error by an organizer staff to the loss of private property or theft during activity participation.
〈Portrait right and handling of personal information〉 6. While at The Facility and the Miyajima natural park, I agree to allow video, photographs, articles, and recordings to be taken and used on the Internet, as part of marketing materials, social media, or on Youtube.
〈The consent by which it's for a relative〉 7. My family, relative and guardian understand the contents of activity based on this written promise and consent to my participation.
〈About the matter which isn't prescribed by this written promise〉 8. I'll consent to settle it with an activity operation regulation and a regulation about all except for this written promise.

Safety Rule

1. Available only during the time operated by the administrator 2. Available only under supervision by the lifeguard and staff 3. Due to sudden change of the weather ( thunder and/or thundercloud )the Park can be closed 4. All attendance is requested to pay attention to safety not only to yourself but also to those around you for enjoying without injury.

Prohibited matter

・When jumping off,please confirm that entourage have no person and something dangerous. ・Do not dive under the playground equipment. ・A child of a school child sheep rise and the person who cant swim cant use facilities. ・Move from a splash down spot quickly. ・Its prohibited bring any kind of playground equipment in the park. ・Its prohibited bring foods and drinks on the park. ・The person who took alcohol cant be used. ・No smoking in the park. ・A pregnant woman cant use by the safety reason. ・Wearing something sharp (watch,accessory,key,etc)cant used.


・The person without check-in cant use it. ・The person whose height under 110CM cant use it. ・Only the person who can swim can use it. ・Be sure to wear life jacket. ・When danger is judged to affect to oneself or the other users.May be commanded exiting.